New Kooba Fakes on Ebay Fall 06/Spring 06

  1. at the risk of sounding stupid...HOW DO YOU KNOW? I could totally be fooled, but then again, I don't own a kooba (yet, I should get mine delivered tomorrow)

    Please educate me:confused1:
  2. No def not stupid, it's from a variety of things. The leather is a BIG tell plus if the tags don't match up for the season or if the proportion is wrong. Plus the Mia, was never even released in Black..that's a biggie.
  3. GREAT thread. I wish we had a Kooba forum so we could pin this. THANKS KoobaBagLover!
  4. Interesting...but how do you actually get to know this things?
  5. I've been following Kooba bags for a loooooong time. And as my name says I am A Koobabaglover. =)
  6. What we have to do to get the Kooba forum? I have read a whole bunch of people requesting it.
  7. Wow, I would've totally thought the Lena was authentic. The Brynne looks fake to me since I have it in Black, and the leather does not look like that at all. Koobalover, can you give us more tips on spotting fakes?
  8. I'm actually surprised there ISNT a Kooba forum !!! Sooo many people love them !!! I think that's the majority of threads I've seen in the past week !!
  9. I'm thinking that Lena is real also. Nothing tells me it isn't. I can't see the string that is attaching the tag real well but I had a Lena in bark and it looked exactly like this bag.

    Yep, it didn't take long for them to be selling those lovely fake Paiges. It was pretty darn soon after they originally came out on Kooba.
  10. That Lena does look authentic to me. I have one in that same color. I bought it at Saks so I know it's authentic.

    What tipped you off to it being fake?

    The others looked iffy to me, too.
  11. OK, I went back for a closer look. There seems to be something just slightly different in the way the straps lie across the bag and the body of the bag looks just a bit shorter in height than my Lena.

    Do you see the same things, or is it just me?

  12. Good for you for alerting Hautechick1. I personally have never seen a fake Jillian but I never really looked. Lots of Ada's like you said though. Who knows what this seller is selling...if anything at all.
  13. Proportionally it does look shorter but I have pics of my bags that are skewed like that. It's the angle you take it from or the camera itself. I took 20 pics of my Brooklyn bag because it kept coming out looking like a Midget Brooklyn. :smile: