New KILLA Blue Goodies from Raffaello Network!!!

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  1. Uh oh...I love the blue nylon and the blue leather with the brown straps...

    But...I have no $$$ so I will drool alone...:drool:
  2. Yep. That's always the downside to RN.
  3. wooooow, blue leather with brown straps, it is sooooo me :nuts:
  4. Beautiful bags! I'd take any one of them!
  5. WoW! Gorgeous...Gorgeous!!!
  6. so gorgeous!!! I really wana blue purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I LOVE the first one. I have that bag in Etrusco. Aso, I noticed the SH on that baby. My Etrusco has GH.
  8. i like the blue tote... but its about $200 more than retail price!
  9. Joanna may have that Vitello Daino tote since she sent that entire rainbow of them... I want the bottom one. I was going to buy it in a neutral like white or Sughero but that blue is really tempting. Too bad the price isn't. So hard to justify!
  10. LOVE blue handbags, Thanks for posting.
  11. OMG! I love the blue Antik with the brown straps!

    :nuts: It's expensive but almost the same blue I saw on the Hermes Lindy.
  12. I ADORE that tessuto. I'm pretty sure Joanna had/has that one.
  13. PP didn't you just get a new blue bag?! You are so naughty! :roflmfao:
    yeah like I should talk I have a ridiculous number of black bags!
  14. Wow!! Love them all. Thanks for sharing!