New Kelly and friends are back from NY

  1. :yahoo: I just arrived home with my new Kelly and scarves and had to post pics. As many of you know from my previous post that I fell in love with a 35 Kelly Rouge Garrance in NY. Here she is along with the 2 scarves I also picked up. In my previous email I mentioned a diamond district purchase but you have to stay tuned till thursday for that pic.:yahoo:
    IMG_2619.jpg IMG_2620.jpg IMG_2621.jpg IMG_2622.jpg IMG_2627.jpg
  2. Absolutely beautiful purchases Candace.
  3. That color is beautiful, love the scarves too. CONGRATULATIONS!!!:love: :yahoo:
  4. Oooh beautiful Kelly and scarves! Congrats!!! Could we pls see more of these gorgeous scarves? I particularly like the Jungle Love design. Is yours the white colourway?
  5. Gorgeous candace!!! Congrats!
  6. Candace, you did well!

    Your Kelly and your scarves are magnificent! Yay!!!!!
  7. Absolutely beautiful, Candace! Lovely choices.....EVERYTHING!!!!!
  8. LOVE your purchases Candace--oooh can't wait until Thursday for the big unveiling. Your RG Clemence is a beauty...I especially love your Belles du Mexique scarf--argh, may have to add that to the buy list!
  9. love that rouge g. beautiful bag.
  10. Stunning purchases you got there Candace!

    Congrats on the stunning Kelly!
  11. candace, great choices! Rouge Garance is so vibrant. I am waiting for the same fuschia Belles du Mexique scarf. My store has received all other colours except this. And I will have to wait awhile for it to arrive, as the store just placed a re-order for the scarf in this colourway. I actually don't understand why they didn't order the fuschia in the first place. It's irresistably sweet.
  12. That Kelly is 2 die for, Candace!!! You did great w/ your H loot!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  13. congrats on such a beautiful bag and the scarves. i love rouge garance. can't wait to see what BLING u got!!!
  14. :drool: Gorgeous Kelly - so vibrant! I bet you'll get lots of comments toting that baby around. Congrats!!
  15. oh, wow! what a stunner! congrats, candace!