New Keepall 50 coming!

  1. We went to NM today to check out KeepAlls. We decided on a 50 with a strap. Unfortunately, the one that was in stock was damaged, so they have to transfer one it for us. I know I've created a monster when DH says how cheap the Keepall is with regard to handbags. Some bargain -- He likes the idea that it is so lightweight to begin with. We looked at the Eoles, but they were really heavy to begin with, so we went back to the keep all. So, now he has his Alexei and the Keepall. We need to have something be able to carry on that is airline friendly. I still need a rolling briefcase for my laptop.
    I would like to get the tag heatstamped, but I don't know whose initials to put on it!
    That should be my worst problem in life!
    Oh -- and I got to see the Richard Prince Weekenders. Gorgeous. I wish they had shoulder straps.
  2. Did the GM Weekender look big like a suitcase?
  3. I'm going to get a Damier Keepall 50 for sure this year. Everytime I see people getting Keepalls it really makes me want to get mine! Congrats!
  4. Yes. It's pretty big. I couldn't use it for anything because it would be too heavy to hand carry and it does not accommodate a shoulder strap. But they were gorgeous. I got to really look at them and they are denim coated in vinyl. Really different. A lot of $$ for a funky size bag. They were really pieces of art.
  5. Congrats on your future keepall, I really want one too
  6. i am planning to get a keepall 50 early this year, but im thinking twice coz i also like the pegase:nuts:
  7. I really loved the look of the Eole (someone on the PF suggested it a while back.) We also looked at the Pegase. They are so heavy that getting the Keepall was a simple choice. Our only issue was what size! DH likes the idea of a lightweight carry-on since he's the one who does the carrying. I will still need my rolling briefcase to carry my laptop. He can't get over that the price of the Keepall is so "inexpensive" compared to other bags. Gotta love that in a hubby! I have him well-trained and have created an LV-monster I think.
  8. If LV made the Keepall 50 in Damier with a strap, I would buy it tomorrow!

  9. thats what i love about them most. if youre ever tired of them you can display them LOL! :yes::lol: