new Juicy charm - too cute not to share

  1. I know some of you like to put Juicy charms on your bags like me, I saw a new Juicy charm on eLuxury, it's too cute not to share. :heart:
  2. that is super cute!!
  3. aw I want one!
  4. OMG!
    So cute.
    I love it!!!
  5. How funny! I have the same charm on hold at Nordstrom!
  6. It is so cute.
  7. I want one too!! Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. :tup:
  8. It would look so sweet on a piece of DAMIER AZUR !!!!
  9. i was thinking the same thing.
    i wish somewhere near me sold juicy charms.
  10. Anyone know where you can purchase these in the UK...websites that ship etc?
  11. sometimes have them.
    cruise in newcastle usualy get a bout 3 stlyes every season but they are never the ones i want.
  12. I love that one, I have the one from a couple of years ago that was the rhinestone peppermint with clear and red rhinestones forming the pattern.
  13. I love it, it's really cute.
  14. Where would you clip these charms? Are they meant for charm bracelets?

    I see some cute ones but not sure if it would fit anywhere on my Speedy?

    Any suggestions?
  15. That is really cute! Are you going to get it?:nuts: