New items at items at outlets?

  1. Looking around online...the canvas bags are going to be "in store" on the 30th...

    think a new line is coming to the stores then?

    what do you think would be moved to the outlets?
  2. I called my local outlet and they said they have a new floor set up on Monday.
    New Hamptons bags in striped material and Pebbled leather ones in purple and white.
  3. The flagship store in NYC (Columbus Circle) said they were putting up new floorsets on monday... they said they would have ergo stuff!!!
  4. monday the 26th?

    hmm...I'm debating if i want to hit the outlet tomorrow or Saturday - or wait until next weekend....I like to "maximize" when I think newer stuff will be there...heheh (not necessarily new "made for the factory store" stuff...but "deletes" from the boutiques)

    thanks all
  5. I know the outlet near me is doing a new floor set Sunday night - but all that stuff is made for the factory - and remakes of boutique bags from past seasons (all FSxxxxx-0000). The transfers from the boutiques are random and my SA never knows what is coming in because it is not floor-set - it goes straight to clearance (20% off, and some red marked).
  6. All my outlet said was a new floor set on Monday with lavender and white. They had a lot of the signature tote bags medium size that the site has been sold out of with the gold rings and they were 10% off retail and then an additional 20%. They had Chocolate brown and Black signature. They had also the soho satchel in signature with chestnut and black signature. I think Macy carries them.
  7. AHHH!!! I'm going on Saturday... but I want to see the lavender ones! Any hope that they might put them out early?
  8. This may be answered elsewhere and if so, I missed it and I apologize. But do the bags made just for the outlet differ at all in quality from boutique bags? Are they of a slightly lesser quality or something? Thanks!
  9. this is in another thread, but in a nutshell - no, the quality does not differ:
    Some bags are transferred from the boutiques.
    Some bags are made specifically for the outlet - they may be like the bags in boutiques, but maybe have round hardware instead of square (for example). There's a lot more on this if you search through the outlet thread.
  10. Rats- I was going to so Saturday too. Oh well
  11. My SA out the outlet said they are putting out new merchandise for Monday.