New introductions to DOONEY Line up some really nice shapes

  1. well Dooney has introduced a few new lines over the past few weeks the latest are patched plaid , Roux leather, reinterpertation of nubuck and some new shapes for the signature does anyone know what type of leather the roux leather is i am really liking that leather look of it from what i have saw from the website these new addition have actually made me postone buying my bag i have become also quite found of the patched plaid which i think would be the perfect bag for autumn but is not avaible online yet ugh....



  2. I LOVE their new all weather leather collection, it makes me like dooney more. That collection is a lot more classic, and I think that designs like that is what allured a lot of people to dooney in the first place. It's great that they are now targeting older people rather than introducing designs targeted towards the pre-teen and teen crowd.
    That third bad you posted is beautiful! And I agree, that the plaid design would make a nice fall/winter bag. I think I have seen them at macy's.
  3. i know, i might have to order the zebra large sac - i am still coveting it - which means i should get it