new Hermes scarf benefit New Orleans

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  1. It's quite beautiful, the design was actually originated in 1997 for the jazz celebration. The dimension is 36 X 36 and about $320.
    Partial of the cost will go into benefit restoration of the New Orleans city park.
    I did a search on all the threads and didn't find any previous posts about this. I hope it's not a double post.
    I like the orange color one the best :love: :love: :love: , it's on the website

  2. This is what I called indulging yourself but at the same time making a good deed.

    But, I'm not a fan of the design.
  3. care - That is nice to know! Thanks for the information.
  4. Thanks Care. :love: the orange one too!
  5. That's gorgeous!! Where did you see it? Hermes website?
  6. They have them on the Hermes website. :love:
  7. Love this! such a wonderful cause too!
  8. Ooops Perja,didn't see your question there. They have it on Hermes website.

    I usually don't have much to contribute to the Hermes discussion because I don't own any items yet (although I am not losing hope, since I'm only 23), but I want to let you all know I enjoyed this sub forum very much.:love:

    You ladies (and your fabulous bags) make me look forward to something truly special in the future.
  9. I like the cause, but not the scarf.
  10. I received an email from Hermes and they show me the orange one but same design. Very gorgeous!!!!!!
  11. I was unaware of my purchase for this scarf: my SA just rang it up on CC and told me "it was for a good cause" :smile: I didn't see it in person yet but I'll be picking it up tomorrow/the day after. I think it would be pretty in person. We'll see! :amuse: