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  1. #1 Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    I somehow just found this site and forum. I am so glad to find a place where people understand and enable my addiction to LV and other luxury goods!

    My current collection might be meager, but it's growing fast!

    My collection-
    District MM Ebene Damier
    Multiple Wallet Tiaga (Toundra)
    Pocket Organizer Taiga (Jaune Altair)
    Pocket Organizer Monogram (cobalt with stripes)
    Passport Cover Mon Damier Graphite

    I have some Hermès, Prada, and Burberry accessories too.

    So excited I found you all!!!!

  2. Welcome 😀

  3. Welcome. Your collection sounds lovely and we sure do understand the addiction
  4. Welcome!! I'm fairly new too, this is a dangerous collection for sure, lol! Love it :smile:
  5. Welcome!!! This is a great forum to be on. We are enablers though. Lol. Nice collection so far.
  6. Welcome to tpf! Be careful- we're all enablers and it's a slippery slope!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome to the purse forum!!
  9. Yay! Everyone here is great and TPF is a great source with a wealth of information. You have a great collection. Welcome!!!
  10. :wave: welcome to the purse forum! be prepare to lust for things you never thought about bc of the reveals and no problem with enabling...ton of enablers here!
  11. I do not fear the enablers...I am very happy to find you all! Sometimes you need that little push...haha

    My friends just don't understand and roll their eyes when I start gabbing away about LV and other luxury. They think it's ridiculous, but they spend their money on different stuff. This just happens to be what I like spending my money on. LOL
  12. Welcome! If enabling is what you're looking for then you are certainly in the right place.:lol:
  13. One of the reasons why I joined as well. Everyone here "gets it" and there is so much knowledge within this community. Welcome! :drinkup:
  14. +1 Welcome
  15. Welcome !!! I was so happy to find this forum many years ago. We understand you :biggrin: