New here with a question

  1. HELLO!! I am officially a LV addict. I bought my first LV right before a trip to Japan 2 years ago (BTW, it seemed like everyone in Japan had a LV! :roflmfao: ). I bought the Speedy 25. I LOVE it! The only downer is the handles get dark do to hand oil. I purchased a strap but returned it because the strap just did look right with the bag because the leather had already begun to turn.

    Because of the handles I decided to get a shoulder bag so I went to Saks and decided on the Boulogne. I love this bad as well. I get more compliments on the Boulogne than the Speedy! What I like most about it is the adjustable strap. I recently purchased a vintage wallet from ebay...I can't wait to see it! I have been burned by ebay before so I was hesitant but this one looks vintage and authentic item number: 9321990710. I'll let you know how it turns out. I was burned on this item: Item number: 6883474492. It "could" be real but I just don't know so I asked for a refund and haven't gotten a response. I have asked my credit card company for a refund I'm done with ebay so I've decided I will go to Saks OR eLUXURY.
    Now I am trying to purchase an Epi bag. I am wondering if anyone here has the black Speedy 25 with silver hardware. I "think" I'd love this bad. I plan to check it out at Saks tomorrow.

    Sorry for the long first post.
  2. Oh my goodness!

    i love Japan. i love the atmosphere and plus, the shopping!

    congrats with your speedy and boulgne. those are gorgeous pieces. how dark has the speedy handles gotten. can you post pics? ^_^

    and thats a gorgeous vintage wallet :biggrin:
  3. Hi Jazz! Welcome! You Have Beautiful Bags!!! I Love That Black Epi Speedy! Great Choice!!!!! We Are Planning A Trip To Japan....It May Not Be For A While But We Are Working On It! I Was There In The Early 90's! I Can't Wait To Go!!!!! :smile:
  4. I'm trying to post pics but everytime I make one the file is too big....any suggestions?

    And thanks for the welcome!
  5. Okay...I "think" I've done it. Here is a pic:

  6. Welcome to PF Jazz! I remember some ladies here have an Epi with silver hardware, try doing a search and see if anything comes up. BTW, the black Epi speedy is beautiful is you can't go wrong with buying it.
  7. It's a GREAT really is. I was there on business for 2 1/2 weeks so I got lucky. On the weekends I rode the subway and bullet train everywhere! Every city is lit up like Time Square! There was a LV store there but I didn't have time to stop there (b/c the party I was traveling with wanted to go somewhere else :rant: ), but I did catch a peek.

    Anyways...thanks for the welcome!
  8. The strap I bought for my Speedy at LV is in the mono canvas. So it "matches" no matter what stage of darkening the handles are in.
  9. aw, that patina is gorgeous JAZZ!

    are you still currently in Japan? if so where?
  10. No...I'm not. I was in Toyko, then to Nagoya (where I spent the most of my time). I visited Fukuoka and Kyoto.
  11. Jazz ~ When I Went...The Shopping I Did Get To Was In Tokyo ~ It Was A Beyond Amazing Trip! ......I Was With Others As Well. This Time I Will Be With My Husband & Son.

    You Have Acquired A Nice Patina On Your Speedy. I Like It! You Definitely Sound Like A Shoulder Bag Person!