New here- with a question about US customs...

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  1. Hey all! New here; love the forum though. So helpful!

    I just bought a bag from overseas- and the seller asked if I wanted them to adjust the listed price so that I could reduce my tariff/customs charges. I googled it- it appears that something that cost under 200 USD isn't taxed and something over 200 USD is taxed. Is that right?

    And, is it common for sellers to change the listed price on the outside of the package to help the importer/buyer avoid import charges? Can one get into trouble by doing this? (Sounds like messing with the US Customs department to me; wonder if that's such a good idea...)

    Thanks for all the help, everyone! Glad to be here!
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but WELCOME!!! Try posting this in the regular Handbag Sunbforum... you'll probably get lots of answers! :p