New here, my collection

  1. I just started buying coach about a year ago so my collection is tiny :smile:. All this talk about the outlet deals is making me want to go tomorrow! [​IMG]
  2. Great start.. your signature stripe tote is beautiful!
  3. OMG! Where did you find that stripe tote? Nice collection by the way. :drool:
  4. Your collection is off to a beautiful start! Welcome to TPF!
  5. You've got some beautiful choices! Welcome to tpf!;)
  6. Welcome!
    Nice collection.
  7. Wow! I love that Sig. Stripe Tote! Thanks so much for sharing, and Welcome!
  8. That tote is so pretty!! Welcome!!!
  9. I've seen that sig stripe at Macy's, it's gorgeous
  10. That tote is fabulous! Lucky girl!:dothewave:
  11. Great collection!
  12. Welcome! If you love Coach you'll love it here. Great collection.
  13. Nice collection!! I love that tote!!
  14. I got it from Macy's last weekend. It was my mother's day gift :smile:
  15. Cute! Great collection!