new hardware color!!!!

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  1. hi everyone! i'm still on vacation & thought i'd check in quickly since I have somewhat decent internet connection on my phone right now. (oh yea....& DH is not around so i'm sneaking in some PF time! haha)

    not sure if this has been discussed but there is a new hardware color out. called amber. it's light gold....almost a pinkish tone!! I saw it available in one of the scarf rings!! soooooo pretty! also there's a new lizzard color out called ricocco (spelling?). it's a vanilla-ish color. the parchemin version of lizzie I suppose.

    anyway that's all! DH went 2 get massage & he'll be back soon so I need 2 log off soon! heeeheee
  2. Is it like rose gold? It sounds nice.
  3. thanks for the update! It sounds pretty!
  4. Eeeek! Sounds gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing!
  5. the new hardware sounds lovely! thanks for sharing...
  6. It's sounds really pretty! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your vacation PBC!
  7. Oooh, a rose-gold color would be gorgeous! Thanks for sharing PBC and enjoy your vacation!
  8. OOH, I cannot wait to see that color!! Thanks for posting and have a very relaxing vaca!
  9. I have a Cosmos shawl ring in what I believe my SA called "Permabrass". It is a lovely champagne color. I don't know if this is what you are referring to though...
  10. enjoy your vacation!
  11. i love rose gold! i can't wait!
  12. Thanks for the info, PBC!

    Kallie Girl, I have a permabrass scarf ring, too. I love it bc it's right in between gold and palladium. I can wear it with any color scarf.
  13. oooh, sounds interesting.....thanks for sharing.
    why arent you getting a massage with DH?????
  14. Wow... sounds nice. I'd love that new lizard color with the new hardware in the form of a kelly pouchette. :drool:
  15. The new hardware colour sounds so versatile and just perfect! :yahoo: