New guccis from Holt Renfrew ???

  1. :confused1: Has anyone bought any gucci handbags from the Holt Renfrew "Now or Never Sale" ? How's the selection ?
  2. Oh! I called on the first day and this is what I found out:

    Ydale: only 2 fur bags on sale around $2000

    Sher: only 1 white plain leather hobo from 85th ed. was over $2000, sale $1500ish

    Bloor: never answered their phone for 2 DAYS STRAIGHT! not impressed.

    Not that great of a sale selection, unless you were looking for the white leather hobo or furs.
  3. Nope wasn't looking for those. I phoned Calgary since I'm from lethbridge and was told the 65th anniversary hobo was on sale for 1500.00. Not really looking for that ,but did get a nice gucci belt for 119.00, so something.

  4. sorry just tried to help.
  5. You did help diorgrl. Thanks for the reply. It is so limited here for gucci.