New Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag

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  1. Wow wow WOW!!!!

    Looks absolutely stunning! Send all the picture! :smile:
  2. I’m sorry it looks like a consignment find Gucci . They’re digging into their old styles . I just like more of the new styles . I just don’t find it to be exciting at all. It’s very safe and boring
  3. It actually fit quite plenty without being bulky. I can put my compact zippy LV wallet, couple lipsticks and LV key cles small hand lotion and wipes / tissue pack . I think is good size , I was able to transfer most of my items from boy bag to this Gucci .
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  4. You're too kind

    What can I say excepttthat I LOVE it.

    Shame I've bought 2 Hermès bags already this year and am just about to indulge in another, even that may not stop me, this 55 is totally up my ally.

    The original from 1955 was all-leather and we saw a variation of the same 1955 design n SS'15 with the Lady Web in suede or leather. This newer remodel is closer to the original shape. The sigprint is from approx 10 years later (mid 1960s). I have a feeling this shape/sig-print/tan leather trim combo has been issued before too. But that's all great because it must have been a popular and well loved bag design and sold well each time.

    10 reasons it's top of my list.

    1. It's a classic classic
    2. Just the right amount of Gucci-ness after years of OTT/irony
    3. It can be worn by and at any age, making it a great longterm investment
    4. Tan and ebony/beige canvas will look great almost all year round.
    5. It has a Horse-bit
    6. It already looks vintage
    7. It's not madly expensive in comparison to other designer bags
    8. Easy shoulder bag size.
    9. Great leather and hardware
    10. Variable strap length
  5. And it has a Papertiger seal of approval! That's another plus! ;)
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  6. :yes:

    It's a variation of the same bag.

    The famous mid-00s line of Horse-bit Chain bags by Frida (2002 and on) was also a variation of the same bag but with maxed-out, life-size hardware. The shoulder versions were the closest to the 1955 shape.
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  7. The Guccissima only came in the New Jackie. The tassel and the longer strap were removable so you may like to try for one preoved. Look for the smaller of the 2 sizes unless you want a really big bag. I think it's very unlikely AM will do much in Guccissima because it became so synonymous with the last CD and AM seems to steer clear of anything suggesting her work.
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  8. Good point, and at this price bracket it could go that way but try not to second guess yourself too much. I bought a Soho Disco despite it's influencer popularity and still love it as an easy Summer bag.

    In a way any designer bags are out with the cool crowd ATM. NY was full of chap/free cloth bags and London seems to be backpack central.
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  9. Congratulations, so pleased you're pleased
  10. Endorsement deals from Gucci should be coming your way soon and often Papertiger,
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  11. I wish! :lol:
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  12. Great to know! Thank you for the info! And yes, so far I’ve only seen the larger one which is huge on my 5’ short body. The search continues!
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  13. I wish that for you as well.
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  14. Adwoa Aboah with a 1955 Horsebit at London Fashion Week. :love:
    voguerunway - B2b8npTHFN1.jpg Off duty.
    adwoaaboah - B2XBQianjSQ_B2XBQgZHdS8.jpg adwoaaboah - B2XBQianjSQ_B2XBQgZnLJj.jpg
  15. The always lovely Caroline Issa carrying a leather version of the 1955 Horsebit at Milan Fashion Week.
    carolineissa - B2rPJYdl6Yj_B2rPJWxFOpZ.jpg carolineissa - B2rPJYdl6Yj_B2rPJWwFeQM.jpg
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