New Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag

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  1. PdpEditorialFullStandard_S93-1955-04_001_Default.jpg The Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag is recreated from an archival design. With the same lines and forms first introduced over six decades ago, the accessory unifies the original details with a modern spirit, highlighting the Horsebit.
    PdpEditorialFullStandard_S93-1955-03_001_Default.jpg PdpEditorialFullStandard_S93-1955-02_001_Default.jpg
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    602204_92TCG_8563_001_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg PRODUCT DETAILS
    Style ‎602204 92TCG 8563
    Prices: £1,580 / US$2,300 / C$2,860 / AU$2,985

    Introduced for Cruise 2020, the Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag is recreated from an archival design. With the same lines and forms first introduced over six decades ago, the accessory unifies the original details with a modern spirit, highlighting the Horsebit. Part of Gucci’s genetic code, the double ring and bar design has been established as one of the most distinctive elements among the House symbols borrowed from the equestrian world. Presented on a small flap shoulder bag, the hardware is paired with the House’s monogram fabric and completed with a special mechanism that adjusts the length of the shoulder strap so it can be carried on one shoulder or cross body.
    • A limited time online exclusive, this bag will be available with early access on
    • Beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact, with brown leather trim
    • Gold-toned hardware
    • Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish
    • Each bag will ship with a small pouch containing two additional button covers that can be used to cover the exposed studs when the shoulder strap is lengthened
    • Horsebit detail at the front
    • Half Horsebit detail at each side
    • Three gussets with one zipper and one open pocket
    • Shoulder strap with snap buttons can be adjusted from a 25cm to 45cm drop
    • Flap closure
    • Small size: W25cm x H18cm x D8cm
    • The model is 173cm tall
    • Made in Italy
    602204_92TCG_8563_002_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_003_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_004_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_006_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_007_074_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_009_100_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg 602204_92TCG_8563_011_100_0000_Light-Online-Exclusive-Preview-Gucci-1955-Horsebit-bag.jpg
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  3. Looks like Elle Fanning got early access to a 1955 Horsebit.
  4. Just got the email from Gucci...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great detail, even the HW connecting the strap!
    Glad the classics are coming back. On my list :graucho::drinks::heart:
    Curious what our Gucci Guru thinks @papertiger ???
  5. Sienna Miller in Rome.
    gucci - B0bessBi3Za.jpg
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  6. I love this so much!
  7. Singaporean designer Yoyo Cao. Instagram ad sponsored by Gucci.
    yoyokulala - B05Uaz_Fz1_.jpg
  8. Got the email this morning and was checking it out! Pretty cool.
  9. I really like this! I’ve always shied away from the Gucci canvas because it always seems to include the green and red, but this seems so classic. I think I’ll get it!
  10. Gorgeous. On my I NEED list!!
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  11. :loveeyes:
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  12. Ronny Yeung, Hong Kong Director of Gucci E-Commerce.
    ronny_the_fabulous - B07MOVdBScH_B07MOS6BAD_.jpg ronny_the_fabulous - B07MOVdBScH_B07MOS5BZ3J.jpg
  13. Makeup artist, Stella von Senger. stella_vonsenger - B06DcfQHdqt_B06Dcc_n7gQ.jpg stella_vonsenger - B06DcfQHdqt_B06DcdAn6Xz.jpg stella_vonsenger - B06DcfQHdqt_B06DcdBHMi-.jpg
  14. Impatiently waiting in line for Papertiger's thoughts as well, :panic: for I am a Gucci fan and a Papertiger fan. lol
  15. And who could forget this beauty from Cruise 2020?
    Gucci-Resort-2020-1.jpg gucci - ByPRfKHCT_V_ByPRep6iudX.jpg