New goodies

  1. Nice haul Tammy! Love the scarf and the agenda - and the LV is so nice too...good luck while awaiting your birkin!
  2. love the color of the pocket square....and your agenda is a beautiful color as well :shame:
  3. Beautiful!! Enjoy!
  4. Great purchases! Love the colors of the pocket square!
  5. I'm in love with the pocket square :love: I love how it matches the color of the agenda!
  6. I love them.. wear in good health.:nuts:
  7. Love them both and the scarf looks really pretty on the bag! Congrats!
  8. I love red:love: . Can you tell:biggrin: ?
  9. Very, very nice purchases..I love red too! Congratulations...enjoy
  10. that red is so luscious. congrats!
  11. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the agenda? It's gorgeous!
  12. I have that Ulysee agenda in orange and love it. Yours is beautiful and so is the pochette!
  13. Hi Tammy (Wave)!!!

    Beautiful Scarf and agenda! I love pocket squares!
    It looks adorable tied around your LV bag like that.
    Adds color.

    Are they still at the Temp store?
    Any new products there?
    Did they fill you in on when they are moving over to the new store?
  14. Beautiful purchases! Everything is so gorgeous!