new floorset ?

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  1. Hi all, sorry if this was already mentioned but do you know when the new floorset is coming out? What will be out and will it be in time for PCE?

  2. I believe sophia and mia maggie?
  3. i was told the 23 and only sophia and some poppy.
  4. I was totally surprised when my closest boutique said this but they said they are putting out the new floorset this Thursday night after closing so it will be out Friday the 17th! The SA asked the manager to make sure it was this week and he said yes. It makes sense because of the PCE starting Friday but it's definitely a week earlier. I'm sure they would do a lot more sales with PCE if the new stuff is out for the whole event. I don't know, I am going to go by Friday to see, even though I don't think I will be getting PCE and my store won't honor it unless you are on the list.
  5. ok thanks!
    I have my eye on the poppy tartan swing but other than that and the pig fob I haven't really made up my mind what to get with the pce
  6. An SA at my boutique told me the same date (the 17th), and I wondered if that wasn't a bit early, but bring it on!

  7. Ok good, it wasn't just me then! I'm still skeptical as to whether it really is this Friday or not since others are saying next week. If it is this week, then will the website be updated like Thursday?? I'm so confused, haha. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  8. I just wanted to bump this up and see if anyone else was told this week for the new floorset?? I have seen multiple people say the 23rd, which is next Thursday and I would assume it would be put out in the evening. Normally I would think yes next week like usual but my store(and the previous poster in this thread, who I notice is also in Texas) said THIS Thursday for sure, even the manager said yes this Friday at opening the new stuff will be out so now I'm confused. :thinking: