New fine jewelry with pics *nice*

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  1. So I found another Chanel article on the same Taiwanese newspaper... :heart:

    18K White Gold Ring w/ 1 Carat round diamond in the middle (TWD $1,701,000)

    18K Gold Necklace (TWD $62,000)

    18K Gold Earrings (TWD $29,000)

    Black marble Ring (TWD $48,000)


    Necklace (TWD $74,000)
  2. Reallly fab !!
  3. i like the white camelia necklace, i wonder if that's available here in the US
  4. Wow they are really pretty. I would definately buy some of thoese.
  5. the camelia necklace is soo pretty!!
    thank u for posting this but i think u should merge this thread with the previous one :smile:
  6. Thanks for the pix! But 51k USD for the first ring...:wtf:
  7. Gorgeous, I love the necklaces!
  8. very pretty!
  9. love it! thx for sharing!
  10. I love the first one and the last two. Thanks for posting! Anyone can convert the prices to USD? I know there are online converters but I'm so lazy.
  11. I want the diamond camellia ring! But I think it's somewhere in the mid-high 50k range in US dollars... wah! :crybaby:
  12. TWD=Taiwan dollar? thought it's NTD (new taiwan dollar)? If it's NTD, then 1 USD = aprox 33 NTD
  13. I love both camellia necklaces! Really nice! Thanks for posting :tup:
  14. Beautiful, But Out Of My Price Range For Sure!
  15. mid-50K? really? i thought it was about 1500? or was it a different camellia ring i'm thinking of?