New Fendi Spy Hobo, what are your thoughts?

  1. I seen that style at Neiman's and it was to the small side. I personally prefer the regular spy bags. But if you like it, I say go for it :flowers:
  2. Me no likey! I prefer the regular Spy.
  3. I don't like what they did this year with that pocket on the side.
  4. i prefer the look of the reg or baby spies..
  5. I like this one better than the first spy hobo.. not so boring
  6. Not a fan. But it does come in Petrol.
  7. Yeah, not a fan. It's as if FENDI said, "Oh yeah, the Spy bag is special because of the spy compartment. Nobody's been buying the hobo because it doesn't have one!" and slapped one on there. The design is just flawed.
  8. I definitely like the original. Why change a good thing?
  9. The original one is muchh nicer. Can't stand the new one
  10. The original is cuter. But I am sure this is alot easier to find stuff in, plus the zipper is great.
  11. I prefer the original.... something about this one just doesnt seem right.
  12. This one is okay. I don't care for that color. I like the originals better.
  13. Does not seem to have an effect on me. Looks like a hybrid of designs... nothing unique...flat like the Moombasa, hardware catch looks like the gucci hobo and handles of spy but with just one handle it looks a bit plasticky.
    just my thoughts. I prefer the original spy.
  14. :P:P thanks girls, good advice. I have decided on the original spy

    greendrv: thanks so much with the help in authenticating the spies.:tender: