new Fendi B bags for fall 2006 - pics

  1. [​IMG]
    Fendi B shoulder bag - $1,210
    also comes in black

    dark brown patent leather - $1,730
    also comes in black and straw
    black/yellow B Fendi bag with pearl handles - $3,440
  2. [​IMG]
    black patent leather with red trim - $3,130
    beige/honey canvas B Fendi reporter bag - $960​
  3. oooohh..Me like the reporter..ok..and the first bag....yum!Thanks for the pics!they are great!
  4. I like the first one...absolutely LOVE the brown patent leather one
  5. Cool! Thanks for the pics
  6. I like the black with the colored trim, though I can do without the other embellishments like pearls. Thanks for posting the pics!
  7. Thanks for the awesome pics, Kat! LOVING the dark brown patent, but not too keen on the first one with the peculiar double-buckle belt.
  8. Thanks!