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  1. Hey ladies!

    Did you know you can now order online and pickup your order from the nearest Coach store within 2 hours? Yep, check it out on the site. So cool! :yahoo:
  2. That's cool! I remember answering a question in the last Coach survey about buying online with an in-store pick-up. I like it!

    Now, how about a frequent buyer I hear loyalty points?? :graucho:
  3. What are loyalty points?:confused1:
  4. Hi Indigowaters - A while back Coach had an online survey. The survey asked a bunch of questions about what types of rewards/incentives would motivate customers to continue to buy Coach products on a regular basis. Anyway, it made it sound like they were thinking about creating a frequent buyers program. Some of the ideas for rewards were: special discounts, cash back towards future purchases, or the ability to earn points to use for $ off future purchases. Of course nothing has been announced, but it's cool that they're thinking about it.
  5. Wow! That's cool--too bad I'm on a ban because I would have otherwise ordered stuff this morning and picked up the items during my lunch! ;)
  6. did you girls see this new feaure on coach too? i received an email about it this morning. it's called Coach Clique. coach claims its going to be a monthly magazine feature on the website that has lots of news on the latest trends and fun facts. i checked it out an downloaded the coach screensaver. :smile:

    here's the link:
  7. Ok. I saw it, I just didn't know it was going to be monthly. Thanks for pointing that out. :tup:
  8. that's so cool! about time they did that!
  9. I clicked on the Coach Clique link and it speaks of a pythonprint Miranda for $1,200. I'm pretty sure its fake python but still....

    *eyes glaze over*
  10. ohh, it's like coach take out ;)
  11. That's a cute way of looking at it! :roflmfao:
  12. I just placed a store pick-up order right now for my friend's bday gift. I got her the Leo charm. I'll update you guys on how it went! This is a really cool idea - perfect for when you're busy and just want to zip in and out of the mall.

  13. I was just thinking that! I wonder if it's related to that computer upgrade they just got!
  14. So far so good....I got a confirmation within 45 min. of place order.
  15. Too bad this is not available outside US...