new fan of chanel got some questions!

  1. hi ladies,

    a few weeks ago my passion for chanel bags :heart: was born when i was looking around in this forum. though you guys got a very detailled description and a lot of great pictures of so many bags, there are still some things i don´t understand:

    1. what is the difference between a classip flap and the reissue?

    2. what is the difference between caviar and lambskin? is lambskin a better quality?

    3. what´s that thing with the sizes: is 226 a medium an 227 a large one?

    4. what are the prizes for the classic flap and the reissues? and is it true that they are really hard to find or always sold out?

    sorry for bothering but it would be great if somebody could help me!

    thanks a lot!!!!!
  2. I want to bump this thread back up because I have some of the same questions. And this may sound dumb, but what does it mean for a bag to be a reissue? Chanel bags are a little more confusing with all of the sizes and #'s and everything.
  3. I would like to know the answers to these questions as well since i'm new to chanel handbags. and also, is the caviar line still available for purchase?
  4. 1. The reissue is a remake of the classic flap for Chanel's 50th anniversary. They are both considered 2.55's.

    2. Lambskin is soft and more delicate compared to caviar leather, which has a pebble/harder grain, which tends to be more sturdy (and can take more abuse). I am not too sure about the quality issue, but lambskin seems to be more money.

    3. Yes, speaking in terms of the re-issue.

    5. If you look at the reference library, all the prices are listed depending on the size and make.
  5. Great questions. :smile: I'd guessed at the answers, but it's cool to see I was right.

    And yes, retroflashes, caviar items are definitely still available.
  6. I have been debating the types of leather myself. I discussed with a super sweet SA (Colin) at the BH boutique the other day. He definitely recommended the caviar for me because I really use (abuse!) my bags.
  7. thanks a lot ladies! you´ve been a great help!!!
  8. Just a quick fyi - many Chanel SAs - even in the Chanel boutiques do not recognize the term "reissue" for some strange reason. They equate the 2.55 to the reissue.
  9. 2.55 is the date the bag was first released. February 1955. 226,227, etc. are sizes just to clear up any confusion you might have about that.
  10. thanks for asking these questions I was wondering myself.. :tup:
  11. Thanks. Shows you how new i am to this! Do you know by any chance which Nordstroms carry chanel? I've seen in different threads about Nordstroms carrying chanel and i would like to know which ones. Thanks.