new fall 2006 colour swatches

  1. although i am sure that some of you have seen this already, just thought i'd pass along that recently posted 3 (yes three!) new colour swatches for fall 2006. i haven't even received my order from Bal NY yet and i am already eyeing the camel (looks a little more orangey than the current cognac), grenat and the blue india. if this is accurate, i think i am going to be in some serious trouble when these become availiable. and so my obsession continues.......
  2. thanks for letting me know. i'm new to the forum and haven't had a chance to maneuver myself through all the threads yet. i think i'll wait on the pre-ordering though. i just got the ok from the boss (my hubby) for my most recent purchase and should probably wait awhile before raising the subject again. i will just live vicariously....
  3. Oh I like the additions! How exciting!
  4. i can't waaaaaait for a rouge vif!
  5. I. Want. That. Blue. India!!!
  6. I called to pre-order...Joseph at Bal NY had not seen the Fall/Winter colors yet, so no official confirmation (at least from me) but he put me down FIRST on the list for the Bleu Gris (Blue India) for whenever they come in.
  7. Ooh, oooh *jumping up and down* I wanna be second! I love that colour :nuts: I'm calling him now!!
  8. I can't wait for the new rouge too!! :nuts:
  9. just out of curiosity, which do you prefer, the colour swatch for blue india or the colour of the bag in the photo? i'm all over the swatch - it appears to be a true blue/grey but without the coldness. (i have to stop talking about it now because the more i do, the more I WANT IT!) maybe a litlle creativity with the household finances is in order......
  10. Either way will do. With the color swatches, I can try to imagine how the colors will look like IRL on various B-bag styles in my mind. People will walk by my desk and see me spacing off and drooling like a total idiot but I don't care! Plus with the color swatches, they give a close up of what the colors will look like.
  11. I love the swatch AND the bag, but I agree they don't look quite the same. Then again, I have two photos of my ink bag that you would never know are the same is really dark, almost black, the other is a purple color. So maybe it is just the light source?

    I am definitely going to need more than one if I can afford it! But the blue grey comes first. Then maybe the camel, blanc, grenat, bleu roi...
  12. irissy, that's too funny :lol: you're too cute! wish i could do the same and forget about dirty diapers and milk bottles :lol: kudos for you! ;)
  13. Aww... :shame: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. me too but somehow i think child welfare services might find their way to my door.......maybe i could bribe them with a bbag? nevermind, i'd rather have the bag for myself and let them keep the kid! (just kidding of course!)