New Fall 2006 color swatches

  1. I was finally able to get a better look and memorized them:
    Blanc in Swift
    Rose Dragee in Swift
    Turquoise in Swift
    Rouge Garance in Vache Liegee
    Ebene in Vache Liegee
    Natural in Vache Rodeo
    Ebene in Vache Rodeo

    Vache Rodeo IMO is similar to Cuir de Bride, the saddle leather. I also want to correct an earlier post where I had stated that Rouge Garance would be available in Fjord, it will be Vache Liegee.
  2. I can't wait to see some of these in person.

    HG, how was the rouge garance in vache liegee...did you like?
  3. Eh! KB, you know how I feel about vache liegee. I really don't think this leather absorbs color well. Rouge garance in vache liegee just didn't have the vibrancy as it does in clemence or swift.
  4. Kellybag don't ask that question! Hermesgroupie does not like Vache Liegee, we debate this all the time!

    There was a VL on the floor today and she just looked at it like :throwup: . She also saw a PB in black box and almost :throwup: because it was a PB. I love her sincerity!

    HG I still think you should have taken that PB! What was the name of the saddle backpack that we saw?
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I knew I'd be able to be my opinionated self around you!!!!! The backpack is called a Sherpa. Try the noisette Whitebus though, I think it has more polish.
  6. Well, you both give great advice, but you keep my head spinning!!!

    Just when I think maybe I will get this or spin me in another direction.

    WISH I WAS IN NEW YORK WITH YOU BOTH!!! I know I would have fun and decide for myself. I hate the unknown...
  7. HG, what is your favorite bag style and combination of leather/hw? I want to see where you are coming from.

    Baggs, I can't ask you this...well I can, but you are all over the place these days. I know you've got flavor!
  8. Black box with gold hardware for my Kellys and Birkins. I'm a smooth leather kind of girl. I get whiplash everytime I see a bag in black box. After that Rouge H in box. I could really like chevre, if only I can get past that spine thing. I also love Barenia. Clemence I like for certain bags, ones that have slouch, like my picotin. Swift is another leather I love that has slouch. Another of my favorite leathers is veau porc lisse, which is discontinued. Oh boy, I'll be all over that one should they decide to bring it back.
  9. Gotcha...I really love box box especially. Would buy another bag in it, but I really have to nurse box due to having three little toddlers. My priority is them right now and not trying to protect my bag from any accidents. KWIM?

    Try to get past the spine because chevre is stunning.

    Hey Baggs...what is your favorite?
  10. Hey HG, I saw the swatches of both Vache Liegee and Fjord!!
  11. How was the Rose Dragee in Swift?! :nuts:
  12. HG, would you say that this Natural Vache Rodeo is similar to Barenia? and is it as heavy? And talking about R. Garance, what leathers do you know for sure that will be offered in this color? TIA:flowers: As I posted above, I saw the swatches of Vache Liegee and Fjord....
  13. Bluish pink, almost close to lilac. It will be available for smaller items only.
  14. Nope, Barenia is thinner than Rodeo. It really resembles cuir de bride, the thicker saddle leather. It will be extremely heavy, I don't think they will be able to make bags out of this leather. The swatch I saw was 1/4 inch thick. Thanks for posting that Rouge garance will be posted in fjord. They must have removed the swatch, as I thought I saw it last week, but retracted my earlier statement based on what I saw on Friday.
  15. Thanks! Very helpful...