New 'Evidence' Sunnies

  1. just shown on the LV website and i LoVe them! they've got the same engraved details as the Millionaires. i want them all, but i really like the red one best :drool:

    EvidenceRed1.jpg EvidenceRed2.jpg
  2. here's black and khaki:
    EvidenceBlack1.jpg EvidenceKhaki1.jpg
  3. oooh... and i think i like the Tonga in beige too :nuts:
    TongaBeige.jpg TongaBlack.jpg
  4. Really like the Evidence in either black or burgundy. Tho, I can never really pull off those red-ish sunnies. Looks awesome! :smile: Retails for AUD$875.
  5. those look so classy and nice!
  6. Ah ya....:drool:
  7. Very nice!

  8. red eyeglass frames seem to suit me fine. so hopefully red sunnies would too. i can't wait to try these on. the Tongas are Au$770 btw.
  9. ooh- I absolutely LOVE the red ones :drool: btw dd, how do you make web pages into pics?
  10. *Gasp* They are hot!
  11. i use the "Grab" function on my Mac. you just select the part of the page you want and it copies it for you. i don't know if there's a PC counterpart for this.
  12. I think I'm in love!!!!! These are some hot sunnies!!!!! :drool:

    I wonder how much they'll be in USD? :search:

    To copy a picture off of let's say the main LV website and you're using a PC, do the following:
    -If you're on a desktop, click on Alt + Print Scr. Paste that onto either Paint or your photo editing software.
    -If you're on a laptop, click on Fn + Print Scr. Paste that onto either Paint or your photo editing software.

    Thanks for the pics DD. :smile:
  13. OH MY!!! those are some HOT glasses!!!
  14. I love the evidence collection, so HOT!!pretty pricey though
  15. the prices are indeed very high compared to other brands. but i think they're worth it..... as long as they're still cheaper than 95% of LV bags and shoes im alright with it :sweatdrop: