New Empriente syle?

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  1. I could have sworn I saw a new empriente bag I fell in love with. But, I can't seem to find the name or style anywhere. It's in Noir, short top handles like a speedy but the bag it more like a structured tote style. Anyone know what I'm talking about? TIA :smile:
  2. Could it be the Montaigne?
  3. Might be the Montaigne
  4. Yep I think the Montaigne also;)
  5. Yesssss it's the Montaigne!!! Just saw someone's reveal. I really love this bag! This is gonna be my next purchase for sure!!! Thanks for answering me. I knew I could count on my fellow TPFers! :smile:
  6. Wait!! You cant get this bag! Your the speedy girl :cool: Always admired you love and collection of the speedy. Its one of my favorites also :graucho:

  7. Haven't seen any reveals on these... Makes me curious about this bag!