New ebayer needs advice....

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  1. I sold my first item on ebay. It was a pair of shoes. Only one person bid and paid immediately. She has zero feedback. Her address was paypal confirmed. I just signed on to paypal to see if she paid and to get the shipping label prepared and she changed her address. My auction clearly stated that I will only ship to paypal confirmed addresses. So I sent her a message asking her why she changed her address when my auction clearly stated that I would only ship to a paypal confirmed address. She said that no one is home to sign for packages during the day so she sent it to work. I happen to know exactly where she works, but I still feel weird about it b/c she didn't contact me beforehand and she has no feedback.

    I have very little feedback, but I know to follow the rules. I just don't know what to do. Do I tell her I will only ship to her paypal confirmed address. I just know there are so many scammers lately that I really want to try to protect myself against them.

    What would you do?
  2. I would only ship to a PayPal confirmed addy. Also, try telling the buyer to contact PayPal to see if she can get her work addy confirmed (I don't know if they do that, but at least you're trying to accomadate her).
  3. Congratulation to your first sale. How much your shoes were sold? If it is not too pricey, and you know where she works, I think it is okay to ship to her work address. Yes, there are many scammers around, but most of the buyers are good buyers. If my item is under $200 and the payment is PayPal unconfirmed, I would check buyer's feedback and use my best judgement and decide. If my items are more than $200, then the addresses must be confirmed. This is just me though.
  4. Depends on the selling price. lovemyangels is right.
    If you decide to send it to her work address, send it with signature confirmation and insurance.
  5. I will only send with signature confirmation and insurance. The selling price was $220.
  6. I am so torn! AGH!
  7. Don't worry so much. She can always pick up this package at the post office if she misses the delivery. Post office opens at 7:00AM. You don't have to risk if you feel it's not right.
  8. id just ship to her confirmed address. paypal policy states that you have a better chance against a dispute/claim if its shipped to a confirmed address.

    i learned (from this forum) that there's an option in paypal to block payment from those who do not have confirmed addresses. you go to my account - click on profile - and under selling preferences, go to payment receiving preferences. theres an option under there where it says "Block payments from U.S. users who do not provide a Confirmed Address" and just click yes.
  9. My thoughts exactly!