new dustbag pic

  1. Mmmmm... silky. I wonder if they are planning to completely phase out the old ones? Thanks for posting the pic!
  2. I like the silky ones better. Especially for suede and calf hair. It slides over easier and is not abrasive on the "napp"
  3. I wish I would have gotten a silky one! my red patent ergo came with the reg. one..

    BTW I love your chocolate carly!
  4. Thanks for the pics! This will be great to carry around when it rains. :tup:
  5. How do you like you denim Carly? Hope you are loving it!!
  6. Thank you for posting the picture for us. I was wondering what it looked like. :smile:
  7. gosh im lovin the denim carly its just beautiful..Im saving the brown one for fall..hmmm maybe another month or so lol.. but this denim is sooo pretty...thanks again for your pic :O)
  8. I like the look of the silky ones a lot! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  9. Interesting, when did coach started this?
  10. I like! Thanks for sharing.
  11. really great my carly came with mine...
  12. Thanks for posting. I didn't even know they had new dustbags.
  13. i dunno if i like it, i dont think it will hold up as well,, :sad:
    unless its realllly thick silky

    the gustto dust bags are silky and they feel like they arent really protecting the bag as well as a cotton or canvas one,,,
  14. they're probably less expensive to manufacture

    *shakes fist*