New Duchessa Bag Pics :)

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  1. Just picked up some new Gucci goodies today!




    The bag is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! But nice. :smile:
  2. Yeah, that bag has my name all over it. SO my style! I LOVE IT! LOVE!!!!!!!! The glasses are way cute too.
    I also still want those jeans. (does she have those in jeans and shorts?)
  3. Not they are knew length capris.

    The blue on the glasses arent that light. They are more navy. :smile: They match my vintage speedy pretty well!! :smile:

    Jamie are you gonna get the bag? Its hot. I love it. Its so big. I need to buy more crap to fill the darn thing up.
  4. Ok, even better, I want Carlys capris with your new MK top.
    I seriously think Im going to get the bag. I can throw that baby around and it will look new FOREVER! HEY why dont you see about getting another wallet for that bag??? (HA HA HA HA) or a big agenda? Just to fill it up.
  5. Uh bite me. But seriously its cheap. YOu should try and get it from Saks, you will get ECG gift card?
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao: How I love yah girl. You make me laugh everyday. What kind pf pockets are on the inside?
  7. One large zippered and two cellphone pockets, one larger one smaller.
  8. It is beautiful.
  9. Yay! Selena what size is that? I think I have it in my wishlist but wasn't sure of the size, I like that size though^^. Err is that your daughter? If so how tall is she? Congrats!
  10. wow thats so hot! man im so bad they didnt make a medium lol! i feel like goldi locks, i LOVE the style but the large is way to large and the small is way to small! ughhh!

    but man i LOVE IT! congrats!
  11. Gorgeous Selena - I love it!
  12. very pretty.
  13. Its pretty big...I dotn have a tape measure but maybe 16 x 11 x 7? My daughter is 5'3". :smile:
  14. that bag is so beautiful! still have to see it in real life though, but so far i'm loving it!

    and those shades! can i have the blue one? :smile:
  15. The small is TEENY TINY. This large size is quite big. I might use it as an overnight bag too, or a carryon. It holds SOOO much. It fits over the shoulder which is nice too. Carly (my daughter) it is tooo big for her. I am 5'10" and I can just pull it off I think. But some peope like huge bags, this is for sure huge.