new Dooney print?

  1. Just noticed that Macys' online has this new Dooney tote:

    It's from the "Madras Collection". what do you think about this print?
    I went to Macys today and noticed that they have a lot of bags that are not available online! they have this picnic satchel(gingham pattern) but they also have it in this signature print:


    and in this print:


    they look really nice! I am pretty tempted to get one of them. I think they are nicely made and hold better in shape than an LV speedy! the macys i was at has several different colors from each print.

    Now why doesn't Dooney put these online? especially the "Madras Collection".
    I think they are cute. Do you think this line is made in india? I love to see this collection in store.

    Well this are mostly for Dooney's fan. I wish we have our own forum!

    Vlad and Meg please can we have our Dooney forum? Pretty please!!!
  2. Hey, these look really pretty. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to look at the Macy's website right now.
  3. I'm usually not a Dooney fan, but i do like the Madras!
  4. I found these too...


    I like this one also:[​IMG]
  5. The 2nd and 3rd are alright but I think I would prefer it in the all weather leather (are they the same bag but different size?).

    I'm not liking the first one at all. Actually, I don't care for any bag that has the patchwork look, be it LV, Coach or Dooney...

    It might be a cute beach bag though...
  6. I like these better than the first ones posted. Thanks for the pictures.
  7. I think the madras looks cute in the wristlet style. The signature print and leather Dooney's are lovely.
  8. *frolics to!* yaay, that patchwork isn't so bad!

    everything everyone posted is cute! i wouldn't use all those, but the lock sac is something on my want list!
  9. i dont like the madras print, not for me...
  10. I just saw these Madras bags in my local Macy's today. I find it interesting that Macy's has them before
  11. Agreed. I like some Dooney bags, but not this one :yucky: I'm not a fan of any patchwork bags.
  12. Yea, I really like the Annalisa leather sac's! (the one's above in the pink,green,yellow and white) I love the feel of them, so soft. I want to buy one, but really how many bags do I really need? I decided to go with a Marc by Marc Jacobs white bag instead of the Dooney.
  13. hasn't got the tassel satchel in the signature print or the large quilt print. they only have it in the picnic print. I went to Macys again today but still cant decide! Nordstrom online does have the satchels in the signature and large quilt print. At my macys they have the satchel in medium and in mini. the mini looks so cute, it is perfect for going out to dinner bag! Do you think will offer this style on line? It's so weird as usually has the new bags before the stores. I just dont want to miss out if they sell these style in stores only!!!
  14. I really like the Pink bags. Dooney is pretty hit or miss for me, and I don't like the first bag posted, but the pink is just very nice!
  15. I think the madras would make a fun work bag. I'm actually in the market for a new work bag as I'm tired of my Brighton tote. I don't want to take a logoed bag to the hospital and this seems like an affordable fun choice. I am thinking about getting the large madras tote. I like patchwork styles.