new dilemma

  1. i badly want an LV for christmas.. problem is i dont have enough budget... i was originally thinking of getting lockit or papillon in mono but im thinking of holding it for now since it's a little over my budget-but i would definitely get it later on. (btw, my 1st and only LV was a pap 30 but it got stolen)
    now im thinking of either getting:
    1. a minilin speedy in ebene
    2. trunks and bags mini pochette + marc by marc jacobs laminated logo swifty (i've been lusting for this for a month - i think it would be a great everyday bag)

    what do u guys think?
  2. I'd say the minilin speedy..but then again I'm bias:p
  3. Minilin speedy! Swifty is too casual/sporty if you plan to use it at work, just my two cents :flowers:
  4. Mini Lin for sure...not a fan of the big lettering on the MJ
  5. An everyday bag means for work, yes? Then I guess it depends on where you work ... unless you're in a creative environment, the mini lin Speedy would be the safer choice.
  6. Definately mini lin in ebene!!! It's soo cute!
  7. i have to jump on the bandwagon and agree with the above posts for the minilin speedy
  8. the trunks & bags is soooo cute though
  9. mini lin its a great speedy :smile:
  10. Mini-Lin Speedy! You can dress casual or formal carrying it.
  11. minilin :smile:
  12. Wait... Is your dilemma which bag to buy, or that you can't AFFORD one?
    If it is the budget issue, try eBay for something "preloved." Just be sure to fly it by the Authentication thread!
  13. If I was in your situation, I would probably keep saving until I had to get the funds for the papillon. It would be a "late" present. :smile:
    But, I understand wanting to get something NOW and out of the two choices, I would choose the mini-lin speedy.
  14. ^^good post, I was going to say the same thing. I am a "want it now" type of person also, but I am in the same situation as you. I would wait until you get all the money you need, and buy what you are in Love with. You`ll regret it in the end. Put up a savings ticker to make the wait more fun!!
  15. Mini Lin Speedy !!