New Dentelle Fersen LV

  1. Hi girls! Does anyone know if the new Dentelle Fersen is really a limited edition that is that difficult to get? I went on eBay to see how much it would be and they are selling it for waaaay too US$3300 when it is Euro 1,650 in Rome, Italy. The seller said that it is only for VIPs and that some VIPs won't even get it. Does anyone knwo if this is true????

    I HAVE to have that bag!!!!
  2. anybody can get it you just have to be on the wait list. and yes it is limited edition.
  3. Anyone can get it!
  4. I think you have a good chance of finding one... good luck on the search! ;)
  5. anyone can get it, but I'm sure it's VERY hard to find!
  6. Very freaking hard to get your hands on!
  7. That is not true. They have Fersen here not on waitlist at all...
  8. I saw one at my LV store last week and it wasn't sold yet and from what I heard there was no one waiting for it.
  9. Call LV up and ask them whether any are available