New Damier Geant bags are online

  1. New Mens Damier Geant bags are online, including the New Model Citadin and Albatros
  2. thanks for the info....will check it out !
  3. Hmmm there were SUPPOSED to be more... I wonder where they are?!

    Thanks for the heads up though!
  4. Weird- the new Souverain is listed as a "Papillon." We're also missing the new messenger design.
    Citadin nm.JPG abtan.JPG pap.JPG
  5. Thank you for the info! :flowers: I am looking for a bag for my partner atm.
  6. thxs for info.... is it only in UK site?:confused1:
  7. Seems that way. Same goes for the Damier Geant SLG
  8. Hi guys sorry if im intruding this thread but i really donno where else to go, can anyone help me identify this bag and knows where is it retailed at? Thanks a million
  9. That is the Damier Geant Attaquant. Not sure of the retail price though. It will be hard to find in stores since I think they stopped making this bag so only leftover stock will be sold. There is on one eBay at the moment also if you were looking at buying.
  10. very nice detective work m'laden! thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks for the info, but do you have any idea which season this bag came out? The one at eBay is a black color, i wanted an earth, guess ill have to look in stores.
  12. If you read the ebay auction then you'll see it came out in 2004. Best bet is to call you local store and see if they can locate one for you. Good luck.
  13. Thanks once again.
  14. BUMP! gosh, i really like the ATTAQUANT.
    i just realized home much i would use it.
    im actually heart broken that they discontinued it.
    like Xth, i would have loved the earth one. :flowers:

    i wonder if she/he found it.
  15. :yes: I always keen Attaquant but doubt if it'll be a perfect travel bag like Keepall not not :confused1: I never really seen it on person.