"New" Custom Band

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  1. I don't usually get to post much in this forum because I don't own a lot of jewelry, but I am excited to finally post here!

    I got an old ring from my mom with 5 princess diamonds (0.19ct) each in ayellow gold in a channel setting and I finally reset it into a new white gold ring. I hope to be building a stack some day on my right hand and also hopefully with more bling. A girl can never have too much bling, right? :biggrin:


    I am super excited to get this "new" ring!

    I have the "Before" pictures on my blog if you are interested. Thanks for letting me share!!!

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  2. Very nice!:P With the diamonds from your mum, your ring is not just a bling!!! The shape of the ring is good for making great stacking look! Congrats!!:biggrin:
  3. I love it!
  4. Perfect for a stack! The texture and pattern is interesting.
  5. Pretty! It will look especially cool as a stacker. Congrats & Enjoy.
  6. Love it! It's beautiful!
  7. Thanks girls! I can't wait to get other bands to wear with it, it will add the texture like you guys are saying.

    It definitely is cool to make something...it feels special. I based it off of a Cartier ring design, only modified it by adding more stones. I really like the modern lines.
  8. Love it...and so special!
  9. That's gorgeous! I love princess cut diamonds. Congrats!
  10. very beautiful, congrats on the new bling:smile:
  11. That is an excellent "base" to your stack!
  12. I love it - very modern!
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Great design! Love it!
  15. Wow, I love the design. Very pretty!!