New Comer's Luck!


Jun 2, 2008
Congrats! Your bag is lovely! I'm so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience! :yahoo:

Anthea Pan

Apr 12, 2007
Thanks medusa2020, I hope I get to build my H towers like yours someday. Maybe you can consider dressing them up as christmas trees :graucho:

:ty: armycandyaddict, prettychic,**Chanel** ,QnBee9, vixen18, lovelychocalate & Celia_Hish

Yes Wingnut, this is my best souvenir from my Paris trip so far.

You should go Nankali, it's quite an experience to shop at Hermes FSH!

etoupebirkin, you are the next one on my wish list!

ilovemychanel, I almost wanted to cry when the SA told me over the phone that the sogo twilly were all sold out! Do u think they could have some reserved for customers waiting for them to pick up? Should I try my luck calling to check again? It show how much I like this twilly!

footlocker, graphite is going to rest? Is that true? I should baby her more now.

Thanks Jadeite & HermesNewbie! I had sure had a wonderful experience from this trip. I just SHOP, SHOP, & SHOP! Not my first time in Paris so I spent most of my shopping & shop hopping. :blush: