New colors found on diabro pics

  1. This is listed as Vert Fonce, which is the green for f/w.
    The red is listed as rouge, which is a f/w color. Is it actually vermillion? What do you all think? I love the green.

    vert fonce.jpg

  2. Wow, that green is a cross between vert gazon and sapin...
  3. I think that is 06 FW because it looks just like Sapin to me. This is Sapin...
    Looks the
  4. yeah I was thinking it looked just like sapin... but you know how similar the colors can be.
  5. Hmmmm the Rouge does look Vermillon. This is my vermillon bag..
  6. It looks like vermilion.
  7. You're right :yes:. Sorry, I posted rather late last night after 2 glasses of wine :p. I notice that photos (or, should i say photoshopped photos) of Bbags on diabro tend to brighten the color of the bags. I'm used to seeing sapin as much darker and deeper in color.
  8. You're right. How annoying. They should not say vert fonce.
  9. The green looks lovely....:yes: :yes:
  10. Love the green.
  11. Yup, definitely Sapin and Rouge Vermillion...
  13. which style did you get, Jada?