New Collections... ??'s Galore

  1. Now that I am Officially hooked
    In any given year how many collections are released and When season/month (roundabout time frame)
    I started in AUG 07, Since then they released New purses a couple times already,
    The new Ergos and the Bleecker line, from what I can tell.
    Just enough to keep me drooling and constantly changing my mind all the time.
    Will someone outline how often new bags are released?
    If I have a timeline on when there released I think I'll have a better idea on how to save up and Are there any benefits to shopping in the shops or is it just as good to go to my local Dillards and pick them up there. I willing to drive to the outlets , but there 139 miles away, and the closest stores are in Nashville,TN and Birmingham, AL.
    From what I understand you don't get a chance at the PCE coupon if you shop at Dillards or outlets.

    What about the LOOK book . Is that something everyone can look at or is that for the employees?

    Do I have to resign up on the website every time I would like a new catalog. I got one in the mail, then I picked one up the Bleecker one at the outlet in Severville, TN, But That one didn't come in the mail?

    Sorry for all the questions,, But I wanna be in the know....:angel:
  2. I am fairly new to the whole Coach world myself but I will try to answer based on my limited knowledge. I cannot say how often new bags are released, it seems like it is every other month to me, lol. I got my first Coach bag sometime around last March and since then I'm prety sure I've seen at least 6 new "collections" come out.

    The only benefit that I am aware of for shopping in the boutique is the chance to get a 25 % off PCE card. The PCE cards come out 4 times a year if I recall correctly. PCE cards can only be used in the boutique, not at the outlet or online. Maybe the service is better at boutiques too, I'm not sure. I've always been lucky enough to have good service whereever I've gone. To be honest, I've only bought a few things at the boutique since I am a college student so I tend to hunt for bargains at the outlets and/or sales at dept. stores. But, of course, that does limit the selection.

    I have not had to sign up at the website for every catalog that I've gotten, just the one time. But what I have found is that I get them earlier by far by picking one up in the store. For whatever reason, it takes them forever to send me catalogs and they aren't all that consistent with it either. Sometimes I don't get a catalog in the mail at all.

    I don't know what the look book is exactly. I know there is a red book you can look at in the boutiques but I'm not clear on if that is the same thing. Sorry, can't help much with that one!

    Well, like I said I have limited knowledge myself but I hope this is a little bit helpful for you. :smile:
  3. hi Charstar! welcome to coach, it's very addicting i must warn you! lol

    coach does seem to release bags quite often, just to keep their customers coming back for more. it's a great marketing tactic eh? there's no set date on exactly WHEN coach releases new bags. but i'd average they release new bags every month to month and a half. if you notice in the bleeker collection, the bleeker leather shopper isn't coming out until november. i'm waiting to see that in person! if you're trying to save up for everytime coach releases a new bag, you may be finding yourself purchasing bags a lot! my opinion is to just save and keep updated with what coach is releasing. and then when you see something that REALLY captures your heart, buy it! believe me, i've passed on bags that i now regret i didn't get. and they're all discontinued now. :tdown:

    i personally prefer shopping at the coach boutiques than Nordstroms, macy's, etc (unless there's a sale going on). the coach SA's are much more helpful and knowledgeable on their products. they always have the latest products out, and i just love going in and seeing the foor layout. i went to the SF coach boutique the first day of the bleeker layout, and it was gorgeous! plus you can pick up the latest catalogs for free at the boutiques. for some reason, they stopped mailing me the catalogs, so i just go in to the boutiques to pick them up. (its sort of nicer, because then the catalogs at the boutiques are in perfect condition unlike mine in the mail which arrive dog-eared. lol, i'm anal about my catalogs. i collect them and still have them in chronological order. it's pathetic i know...)

    the closest coach outlet for me is 1 hour away. i don't go that often, maybe once every two months. most of the times i go, i don't see anything i like, but sometimes you can find good stuff. lots of stuff are cheap. it varies and is never constant. i bought my 2006 legacy straw tote at $132, marked down from the original $300. lots of ladies recommend that you call your outlet if you want to know if they have a specific item. but i prefer just going in, i love browsing and being surprised. i had never seen my straw tote before, but when i saw it for the first time, it captured my heart and i knew i had to have it. but yes, i do recommend checking out a coach outlet. it's definitely part of the coach experience! :tup:

    there are look books at the coach boutiques. the SA's keep them out on the counter and customers can look at it. although if you do look at it, an SA will probably come over and try to help you. (i prefer shopping by myself without any SAs helping me.)

    hope that helps!
  4. Lunatwinke - I also collect the catalogs - especially when there are bags that I love but I won't allow myself to buy. Sometimes just having the catalog is enough - like a gorgeous piece of art!
  5. Wow, lots of great information, Keep it Coming.....
    I have two Catalogs so far and there right here by my computer, I am always going through them, Good to know that the catalogs are hit and miss with the mailings. I was starting to wonder.
    I not planning on buying often, thou I want to, but like you said when something really catches my eye. With three kids at home, Other things come up too often to constantly splurge. I really like seeing and touching before I buy. I did go down to my local dillards to see a bleecker and its lining. I love the lining. The leather seemed to scratch really easy on the one I was looking at, but the straps looked to be the perfect length. I defiantly need to learn more about leather care. And I looked at the Signature carryall. I really like that one. Of course they keep them all under lock and key so I have to have help to really look inside. I do think I will buy from there sometime but for now I am a window shopper.

    I can't wait till I have a chance to go to the coach boutiques, We will be dropping the two step-kids off in Nashville this next weekend at there moms and I may try to hit both the outlet near there and the store. If I can talk my husband into going a tad out of the way.

    Do Dillards or Macys carry the coach catalogs?
  6. ITA! i've been obsessed with coach for at least 4 years, but i only have two coach purses! pretty good discipline eh? (and one is from craigslist, one is from the outlet!) i love the catalogs, they are like works of art. i love seeing the layouts, the photographs and typography! soooo pretty! you're right, sometimes just flipping through them is enough.:yes:
  7. no, only the actual coach boutiques have the catalogs.

    i just remembered something else. coach boutiques take really good care of their display purses. but something i've noticed at the SF Macy's is that lots of the coach displays are scratched or in not perfectly brand-new condition. the first time i saw the legacy leather satchel was at the sf macy's, the leather was scratched up. it really allows you to see how easily scratchable is the legacy leather satchel. also, there was this python chelsea (or fake python? :shrugs:) there too, it was slight peeling. but at the boutiques, everything is in perfect condition. sometimes its good to see the worse condition bags to see how bad it'll get over time. (makes me sad for those poor coach bags at macy's! i want to buy them and give them a safe home!:rolleyes:)
  8. I hadn't thought about that, seeing how they will hold up.
    And I am sure the level of wear varies from user to user.
    I probably a heavy wear user. I set them down almost everywhere. But I of the mindset I paid good money for this for quality it should hold up to normal wear and tear. Now to define normal wear and tear...