New Coach Store in Vegas!!!! New Stuff!!!

  1. Ok so I went to the Palazzo today. Only about 10 stores are open including Coach!

    This store had some stuff we haven't even seen yet!!!

    OK they had Heritage Bags we haven't seen. They had a speedy style Heritage bag that is smaller than the one that is like the Lily. It has no hardware on it but is ADORABLE!!! It retails for about $395.00 They had a limited edition Coated Canvas C wallet with Applique Flowers in pink and Geranium. They also had the matching wristlet and pouch. It was so cute!!! They had the new signature stripe swing packs.. OOOH they had wallets and mini skinny's trimmed in pond patent leather. There was so much stuff my head was swimming. Sorry no pics!
  2. The speedy style heritage bag sounds really nice. I can't wait to see all the new stuff coming out...I hate waiting!!!!!!!!! ;)
  3. Is this the applique wallet you're talking about?! I love this design!!
  4. The speedy style Heritage bag sounds really nice. Nordstrom's in San Diego had the bigger Heritage bag satchel and the medium Lily--I was shocked because I wasn't expecting to see these at the store. The Heritage bag was gorgeous, trimmed in brown leather and with a brown stripe down the front. They also had the red one. I tried both of them on, but thought the satchel was a tad too big for me. I can't wait to see the smaller speedy style one. I just love the Heritage logo. Thanks for the info!
  5. Nordstroms in vegas had them TOO!! The smaller one though. There is one thats about $450ish then one in $300's. This was about $395 and adorable!

    Yes that is the wallet!