new coach shoes?

  1. i was in macys today and they had a SUPER cute pair of coach slip on sneakers (almost like vans slip ons) that have the tatersall fabric on the inside. im deff in love with them :love:and i need to find them. anyone know what theyre called or what the item number is?
  2. don't know the name or style number, but I have seen them in gold and I want them too.
  3. They are department store only, but here's a pic: [​IMG]
  4. Those slip on shoes are cute. I like the pink trim.
  5. I saw these in Macy's, but they were signature outside with the tattersall fabric inside. I think they outsides were trimmed in gold.
  6. very cute!!
  7. I saw those too...very cute!
  8. those are the ones i saw too! im gonna have to hunt around for them since i have big feet :sad: