New Coach bags with metal hangtags?

  1. I was looking through the new catalog for the 20th time and noticed on some of the new falls items they have metal hangtags instead of the leather?

    I always thought only fake bags had the metal. That's usually something I look for to spot one?

    Why did they change this or has their always been some bags with metal tags?

    Thanks! Just curious!
  2. Some Coach Bags came with metal tags.
  3. My Zoe Lurex Clutch has a metal hangtag:


    As does my black Zoe clutch:

  4. I also noticed the metal tags on newer items too!
  5. Krispin I love the gold Zoe
  6. My older bags have nickel metal hangtags....they are the leather slouchy bucket styles 9186 (camel) and 9173, which is the rugby bag in navy and cream stripes.
  7. The ocelot top handles came with brass tags, zebra slim flap came with a very large brass tag. Sometimes the tag is too small or insignificant to the bag. Maude should have had a tag in porportion to her stature.:biguns:
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the pleated hobo comes with a metal tag.
  9. My E/W duffle 9363 has a metal hangtag.
  10. i soooo want a bag w/ a metal tag.
  11. Wow!! Krispin you have Grrrreat taste, I :heart: ALL of your stuff!! :drool:
  12. The hamtons vintage stuff came with metal hangtags too! I bought a white hobo and it had the metal hangtags, so did the audrey or some name with an A that wasn't ali.
  13. I have a black leather large duffle with a nickel tag.
  14. My signature stripe shearling tote from last winter has a non leather tag.

    The leather hangtags are obviously more common though.
  15. all my moms older bags have metal hangtags. some of the more expensive bags, the lurex bags, and some rare bags also have metal hangtags.