new CL's @

  1. available for pre-order!!any takers?:graucho:
  2. I ordered the python simple pumps, very pricey but I love them!
  3. I did notice the python simple pumps and they are gorgeous. None of the others really move me.
  4. I agree the python pumps are the only ones really grabbing my attention
  5. Eventhough the python simples are high, they are the only ones I like.
  6. Congrats it's a gorgeous shoe, really the only one I truly like.
    Do you know when they will hit the store ?
    I can't wait to see them irl or even real life pics. They are pricy but do look worth it.
    The colors unfortunately aren't for me , but you never know before seing them, I wonder if they will come up with another version.
  7. I'm drooling over the pythons!!!
  8. Wow, those pythons are gorgeous :love: If I didn't have a pair similar to those, I would order them!
  9. I want the pythons but the price is holding me back uggghhh decisions decisions!
  10. ooh I love the python simples - unfortunately, they won't ship to the UK :crybaby:
  11. wow I agree, the python New Simples are stunning!
  12. Can't wait for a tPF member to post modeling pics! :girlsigh:
  13. Hmmm, dunno if I like any of them enough to buy them. I've been wanting to buy some CLs for a while and can't find any I really want in my size. :sad:
  14. :yucky: to them all.
  15. OMG i love the python ones!! but eeeeek the price :tdown: I just don't think I can bear to spend that much.