New classic flaps,do you like the added envelope?..


Dec 13, 2009
Silicon Valley - California
Hi Ladies,

Well its official the new flaps with the added envelope flap, typically seen on single( small) and double(medium) classic flaps are now on all models of the classic flap line.

This added flap addition to the jumbo and maxi has raised the prices of the Fall early winter Classic bags about 200$new Jumbo Classic is now 3700$ priced same as the reissue 226 flat rate.( unless if you can find the no flap jumbo still at 3500)

Other than the price hike, how do you ladies feel about this additional envelope flap?

I personally own Jumbos, because I like the fact there is no flap. What are your opinions, likes or dislikes...or any NFjumbos near your local boutique?

Thanks for sharing !:P