New classic flap w/ mademoiselle lock (like 2.55) instock at NM

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  1. Blk caviar jumbo w/ mademoiselle lock, new chain in dark silver. shorter chain than classic $2500+

    Medium lambskin w/ mademoiselle lock, classic chain dark silver.

    They are beautiful. I got the pic in my cell, I'll upload tomorrow if anyone interested.

    they have 3 of the jumbo. PM me if interested, I'll give u the contact person in NM
  2. i want to see the pix pls
  3. Yes pix please if it is possible!TIA:smile:
  4. here's the pic for the jumbo

  5. is that caviar a soft distressed leather? I saw a medium sized one for $2350 at the chanel boutique but hesitated to purchase it because i was thinking of going bigger. if it is, imma flip out :tup:
  6. no, the soft one is lambskin. they have the lambskin in med. but you can ask if they have the jumbo in lambskin too.
    the one in pic is not the soft one. it's caviar distress

    beautiful bag.. i want it :crybaby:
  7. ? that's what i meant ...the distressed wash makes the caviar leather extra-soft. but anyway, it's the large version of the one i saw in medium. awesome!
  8. it looks a little bit like the reissue. It's so pretty!
  9. the mademoiselle lock the reissue lock or the CC logo lock? I always get confused...

    The medium lambskin with mademoiselle lock with classic chain...did you mean with the interwoven leather chain strap? This in the dark silver was 2495 USD right? And was the lambskin kind of bubbly feeling and a little rougher cos of the metallic coating?

    I only saw this one but with the CC logo closure...
  10. mademoiselle: reissue lock

    yep the classic chain is the interwoven leather chain.
    I didn't see the price for the medium lambskin (it was Black w/ dark silver chain and lock) but it should be around that price. the lambskin looks kind of like reissue (a bit distress / rough.. i can't find the excaxt word to describe it)

    and yes it does looks like reissue. at first i thought that was reissue but the SA (and the label) told me its classic flap
  11. I saw a bag similar to the one in the picture but with the double C closure. The texture is almost like charcoal, rough to the touch. Maybe it is the metallic black classic? The price is $2450 for the medium.
  12. does that jumbo bag come with the new chain like in the look book?
  13. pchans that is so pretty i love the mademoiselle lock ... im drooling !
  14. I'm drooling too - gorgeous!

  15. i want this bag!!! are there other colors though?:nuts::heart: