New Charm for Azur Speedy

  1. Ok ladies i was trolling around on Coach's site, just to see the new sunnies (FYI the Vail's are HOT) when i stumbled on this charm. I had to have ot for my azur speedy. SOOO CUTE!!![​IMG]
  2. Oh it´s cute, and the love text goes well with LV´s theme :biggrin:
  3. Cute!!! i guess i should have stopped in at coach on the weekend :smile:
  4. So cute!
  5. so cute!
  6. love it, :love: please post pics when you can!
    they do have great sunnies, scarves and charms...:yes:
  7. cute! any pics of them on your bag! :smile:
  8. Very cute !
  9. That's adorable! Coach has great charms!
  10. They are very cute! I saw them at Coach yesterday, but the SA was very rude, so I'll wait awhile to go back and buy them lol.
  11. oh their sweet!
  12. i like that!
  13. That is going to look just adorable on your speedy. Sorry the SA was rude, it seems almost no one these days believes in customer service. It looks like almost the same color as the purple LOVE tote too!
  14. Cute!
  15. adorable! love them!