new chain vs old chain

  1. Which one you'd prefer? Please share!;)
  2. I bought a small tote with the new chain and am thinking of returning it - it does not feel as comfortable as a flap I have with the classic chain and should leather strips...I am sad because the tote is absolutely stunning...
  3. New chain has a modern flair. I like both and have plenty of old chains so new chain was a refreshing change.
  4. I adore the new chain. V fresh looking, BUT you cant beat a classic either lol ;)

    Tough choice for sure!
  5. I like both. I like having all the chains. I have the traditional chains in gold and silver, the reissue chain, and the bijoux chain. I love variety.
  6. I love the new chain too! I agree though, it's good to mix it up and have a variety of bags with different chains. I have some flaps with the old chain and some with the new, but I wear the new chain alot more often.
  7. I like both chains also, but I find the new chain stays put on my shoulder better, not sure why, but it does.
  8. i like both too!
  9. I have both and really can't decide which I like best. As far as looks go I think I like the old chain better for a big flap used for everyday and the new chain is nice on a smaller bag for a night out.
  10. I prefer the new chain because it provides such a modern, fresh twist to such a classic, iconic bag style.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. I agree...I don't have anything with the new chain just yet but I do like the way it looks on a smaller bag. I'd be worried about the chain digging into my shoulders on a larger bag since I tend to carry more in my larger purses.
  12. I have to admit, when it first came out I thought it looked a little odd, but now I think it looks great. It doesnt really dig into shoulders because it lays completely flat.
  13. could someone post pic so i could see the differences.
  14. Initially I was only in love with the new chain. That was of course until I received the Jumbo flap with the old chain. I love them both the same!
  15. i like the way both look also but i agree that the old chain is more comfy than the new one since the leather intertwined softens it a little.