New Catalog Came Today!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I opened my mailbox and as soon as I did harp music came out and I could feel the breeze from angels wings as I saw that the new COACH CATALOG HAD ARRIVED!!

    I' haha
  2. Can you take photos? :nuts:
  3. Photos please!!!!
  4. we want pics! we want pics! :nuts::p
  5. Here is the cover and a few pages.... if I had time I'd do all 65 pages haha

    That Embossed Legacy Suede Shoulder Bag in slate...I'm hot to have that haha:heart:
    cover.jpg 02-03.jpg 14-15.jpg 40-41.jpg
  6. That catalog has been out for over a month. But thanks anyways! :tup:
  7. haha See what a lil investigation will get ya? haha Thanks, DH!

    UPS....haha well it's my first time so it was real exciting.
  8. I think that they revise the catalogs to showcase the new bags that are now coming out in the stores.
  9. Congrats on finally getting a catalog Voodoo. There's nothing like being able to drool over page after page of Coach hotness....

    Hey - we USE to do this as kids when it was Christmas time (drool over page after page of toys) and we all turned out ok, right? :graucho:
  10. No the new catalogue is different. I love it! The front page has a model with big glasses and it's in black and white! It looks so chic and Audrey Hepburn like. The collections in those pages are so classic. You are all in for a treat come Wed!
  11. I got mine today. I must have the new noel flats in brown, looks like embossed velvet. Not a fan of the patchwork ergo, but it's different. I'm also loving the new belted ergo hobos. mmmmm... in the plum color.
  12. Hmmm.. anyone got pics?
  13. catalog is also in stores.