New Bucket/Drawstring Bag.. Yeah or Nah?

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  1. #1 Jun 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    i just came across the latest collection n was wondering if anyone bought the New bucket or drawstring bag? It was love at first sight for me and i couldnt forget it since! though my heart yearns for it, my brain is telling me otherwise! the bag cost over usd 5K! should i or should i not? any advice to share?

    i'm someone who just love to buy bags (which i'm sure many of u understands..) but recently i hv come to a point of maybe i should stop, cos the increase in prices are getting ridiculous, so much so that i think i have much better use for the same amount of money.. i mean even if i can afford doesnt mean that i should just spend it on a bag rite? pls share your tots with me on this as im hving a dilemma of whether i shld buy this bag!

  2. Nah. Sorry not worth 5k to me 😞
  3. +1
  4. +2
  5. thanks! will definitely think twice now
  6. I came across the same bag! In Canada its $6,600! Also love at first sight, I would most definitely buy it, if I had that kind of money burning a hole in my pocket. $2500 is my limit on bags. But it is gorgeous! If money is no issue GET IT, and enjoy it.
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  7. hmmm
  8. I really love the new bucket bags too! I think it's a matter if you want to spend 5k on a bag or save your $ for something else. What would mean more to you? I do think it's a beautiful bag!
  9. Chanel seems to be following a trend this time round. Usually they are the ones to start a new trend- think Boy bags and the revived backpack. I will not splurge $5k on a bag which I think may not be timeless. But if you really like it and see yourself carrying it forever- well, at least for the next 5 years, hehee- go ahead and indulge yourself :smile:
  10. This is a really pretty bag; I love it as well. To me, this bucket bag could be timeless, I don't see anything about it that 'dates' it. The construction feels very nice too. I'm looking at another bucket bag-the drawstring bag, which is more east-west than north-south. It seemed easier to access inside. I agree with other posters here the price is really high, but if it's a bag you will use often, it could be a good buy. It's a nice crossbody or shoulder option.

    It's made of calf I believe, I wonder how this leather would hold up-would it show scratches?
  11. i was told by the SA its a very soft supple leather, so need to take some care. scratches will show and the leather will takes it own character when aging.
  12. so no one gotten it yet?
  13. It's a nice bag but I think it's expensive for what it is. The jumbo is still $5,500 right? So over 5 grand is high for a seasonal bag.
  14. I'd pass on it.
  15. +3

    Also I never liked bucket bags to begin with.... Things get lost inside and it doesn't close properly.