new bracelet

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  1. hey y'all. so the other day i went to david yurman and bought a 5mm cable bracelet with pearl end caps:
    it is really cute and i know a lot of people like to stack them. i want to get another one, but i am not sure what color i want to get. i have a DY ring with a prasiolite stone, but they don't make the bracelet with that particular stone. i saw one with turquoise end caps, and that was a really fun color. i was wanting to know what colors you guys had, and if you would like to suggest another color for me. include pics of your bracelets if you have any!
  2. Don't have any Yurman, but I've always admired it.

    Beautiful bracelet, Melissa!
  3. I have the same pearl tip bracelet! You're going to love it!

    I actually wear it with these two DY pieces:

    (The one with the singular gold station)


    (Both pictures are from Neiman Marcus online)

    My suggestion would be to try a few bracelets on to see which you like most to pair with your pearl tip one.

  4. I love David Yurman. I don't any pieces yet, but your new bracelet is beautiful!
  5. Congrats on your DY bracelet. I've also got a 5 mm bangle with pearl tips, and it's very versatile. These are my DY bracelets, and I would highly recommend the oval link bracelet (bottom right) as a great layering piece that mixes and matches with everything. Once you start collecting Yurman, you can't stop! :yes:


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  6. thanks you guys! and cosmopolitan, love your bracelets. i think i saw the rest of your collection in another thread...very impressive!
  7. WOW beautiful collection!:drool:
  8. Mellisa love your new bracelet. Congrats!
    I love David Yurmans jewelry.
    I love the mixed metals.