New blossom empriente speedy

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  1. Here they are in 20 and 25.

    20 up close
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  2. So cute in the 20! The 20 makes the 25 looks huge. Does anyone know the price of the 20?

    BTW it's taking me a while to get used to the new layout. Hope I get used to it soon!
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  3. 30 €1980
    25 €1780
    20 €1580
  4. Thanks AAXxx
  5. Is the colour similar to poppy, would you describe it as pink or orange IRL ?
  6. I posted a pic in the empreinte emilie thread which I think is true to colour. It's milkier than poppy. To me it looks like salmon pink. No orange undertones
  7. thanks for these pics - so pretty - Blossom looks similar to Rose Litchi in these pics
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  8. Hmm... To me it was orangey pink like raw salmon. A very youngish looking color imo. Made the 20 look like a kids bag.
  10. Message is meant to say Thank You for help. Am I the only one having trouble quoting and replying now?:P
  11. Thank you:P
  12. Oh, I like them! [emoji7] But I'm on ban island...But maybe...I don't use my Alma BB Noir Magnetique not really often, just 3 times, maybe I should sell it...what do you mean?
  13. These are so pretty!
  14. What a pretty color.
  15. The color is so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :smile:
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